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Kang Chiao International School offers an American-based curriculum in a supportive environment.

Kang Chiao International School offers an American-based curriculum in a supportive environment. The staff of KCIS recognizes our program as an integral part of an international environment, where both eastern and western philosophies are taught and encouraged. We accept our responsibility for providing a comprehensive educational program, which encourages the maximum continued growth of each student.


Early childhood education, literature or language arts area preferred. Degree and TEFL/TESL/ TESOL certification required. Only kind, caring, collaborative and professional teachers are welcome to apply. Interested candidates with international education, certification and/or a maste's degree in Education are strongly preferred. At least 2 years working experiences required..

Additional materials:

Please send a personalized cover letter, resume, current photo and 2 references that we are permitted to contact.


Interviews conducted via Skype or in person at Qinshan Campus.

Application Deadline:

Now until the vacancies are filled.

Contact: Assistant Director of International Department ----
Roland Claassen

    • Positive and professional attitude.
    • Preferably a teacher certification and/or a master's degree.
    • B.A./degree in any discipline. (With minimum 2 years teaching experience)
    • Passport from a western country. (i.e., Canada, US, Britain, etc.)

Positions Available:

English Language Arts Teacher.

If you are interested in joining us for the coming school year please send your resume/CV, a scanned copy of your passport, and scanned copies of your diplomas/certificates to:

  • Please put your name first in the subject of your e-mail (i.e., John Smith Application)
  • Send pictures/documents in commonly used formats (i.e., .doc, .jpg, .pdf, etc.)
  • Label attachments appropriately (i.e., John_Smith_Passport.jpg rather than 12nXlfsabo212.jpg)
  • Feel free to blank out any sensitive information (such as passport number) but be aware you will need to submit that information if you are accepted in order to complete your visa paperwork.

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